Zack Snyder’s Justice League – All eyes on Jared Leto!

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Well! Well! Well! You cannot miss this one. HBO Max has released the trailer of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and the surprise is towards the end. The JOKER is back!

Snyder’s 4 hours long Justice League which has the internet going bananas will premier on HBO Max exactly after a month.

The trailer starts with Superman screaming as he is dying. The trailer stands out because of its scenes. We can see Superman in a BLACK SUIT! OMG!

This Justice League has similar scenes like that of the previous one but there is Steppenwolf’s enhanced cosplay and not only him, there is a dark side too. Everything has been intensified. The gist remains the same, bad guys are coming, Justice League has to assemble and fight against them.

The trailer has shots which will make you go goose-bumping – Henry Cavill using his super-laser eyes, intense Ben Affleck’s Batman scenes, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg action but that’s not it. How can we forget Gal Gadot! We didn’t cause she is the WONDER WOMAN. Gal looks bold and stunning like always and we cannot ever imagine somebody else playing WW. The trailer shows a preview of our favourite Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen aka Flash saving Iris West Allen played by Kiersey Clemons.

Still, wondering where is Jared Leto? Snyder has saved you some dessert. The appearance of Jared Leto’s Joker in a SWAT Team gear is waiting for you towards the end. We bet you will have shivers. It’s JOKER!

Let’s not keep you waiting from entering Zack Snyder’s universe.

Anu Jain

Anu Jain

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