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Forming a connection and bonding with the girl is the first step to attracting or impressing her. The most effective way to do that is an effective conversation and here is a list of a few topics and things that you can talk about to make the girl you like the vibe and connect with and for you to appear attractive to her.


Just like boys, girls are meme lovers and too and sending and discussing memes creates a zone of comfort and helps bring a girl closer to you. Good memes are a very cool way to start a conversation and to get to know a girl better than anything. Meme conversations can very smoothly lead you to get to know a lot about a girl’s interests and likes.


Not all girls, but a lot of them love it when you talk about shopping places and shopping ideas. Talking to them about the hottest sales or the best shoe store in town engages them in a conversation with you and will make them want to talk to you.

3). FOOD

There are very few people in this world who are not inclined towards food. Most girls will love it if you talk and discuss the fanciest and the best places to eat with them. Taking them and visiting these places with them makes it even better. Food is going to help you get closer to a girl and understand her better.


Books and movies are topics that are the most engaging conversations and talking to a girl about the movies and books that she likes or has seen/read are going to help the vibing between you and you might get a chance to take her out for a movie that is common to both of your likings.


Most girls love an intellectual discussion and it also leaves a good impression of you on them. Talking about your education and your career will tell how serious and focused you are about things and this is going to make the girl you like, like you back. This will also help the conversation in a way where the girl might also talk and consult you for a lot of things and this is going to make her want to talk to you.

Tanvi Singh

Tanvi Singh

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