McDonald’s Or Burger King: The Better Option

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When the world talks about epic rivalries, there’s one rivalry that one just

When the world talks about epic rivalries, there’s one rivalry that one just can’t get over -the infamous McDonald’s versus Burger King debate. This debate is just like a space shuttle stuck in a black hole; there’s no end to it. So, I took this tedious job upon my shoulders and made a decision once and for all that who’s better; McDonald’s or Burger King.

When comparing the 2 fast-food pioneers like McDonald’s and Burger King, we need to compare them using different parameters. Both have positive aspects and we just have to see which one ups the other in terms of creativity, diversity, quality and prices.

McDonald’s is the bigger fast-food company of the two. It has about 36,000 franchises in over 120 countries. But quoting Spiderman, ‘With great power comes great responsibility”. The stores might outnumber Burger King’s, but the numbers have been in favor of Burger King. So, how do we decide who’s better?

Let’s do a quick rundown of all the facts we know and compare both fast-food giants and then we’ll see who’ll win.

Let The Games Begin!

McDonald's and Burger King Logo

What we are going to do is compare both the brands on the same parameters so as to find the final result.


When it comes to prices, McDonald’s seems to be on the lower side of the spectrum as compared to Burger King. But when you look at the menu, you will find out that even though the prices are low for McDonald’s, Burger King offers more quantity in most of their items. So, if you conduct a deeper study, you’ll find out that prices remain relevantly the same and fluctuate for some items.

So, when it comes to prices, let’s say that it is a tie between the two and move on to the next part, which is diversity in the menu and menu exclusives.

Menu Exclusives

Food from McDonald's and Burger King

McDonald’s always tries to stay in trend and has never shied away from introducing different things to their menu. Over the years, they have introduced a range of delicious chicken wraps and chicken sandwiches.

They have also ventured into the dark waters of the coffee business and come up with McCaffe line with cookies, muffins and of course, coffee. For dessert, they presented the world with the beloved McFlurry.

But even though McDonald’s has a lot of diversity, Burger King’s ventures are riskier and cover a whole lot of variety. In addition to the double patty burger (like the Big Mac), they introduced the triple and quadruple patty burger (which honestly just feels like a slap to the face of its rival).

They also introduced a whole range of breakfast foods that includes a twist to the traditional dishes. Their range consists of croissant breakfast sandwiches and french toast sticks in addition to regular coffee. They also added bold items to their dessert menu like cheesecake and Sunday pie.

So, when it comes to diversity in menu exclusives, Burger King takes the cake (quite literally) for their riskier and tastier choices.


When it comes to making kids happy, both brands have tried their level best. To keep up with the trends, Burger King added toys to their kid’s meals. In the early 2000’s you could find figurines and toys of Beetlejuice, The Simpsons and collectible items from Disney. They also started including Mysticon figurines, but they didn’t appeal as much to the kids.

It is a well-established fact that no one can compete with McDonald’s when it comes to making toys. We all know and love the happy meal and the toys are all the incentive. McDonald’s makes sure it gives children what they love.

In the past years, McDonald’s has teamed up with several companies to come up with different toys and figurines. These include Nintendo, Barbie, Hot Wheels and of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without Disney.

Thus, when it comes to toys and kid’s preferences, McDonald’s wins the round, without a doubt.


Both the fast-food chains have the best-selling burgers of all time in the world. McDonald’s has the Big Mac and Burger King has the Whopper.

The Big Mac has two patties with refreshing vegetables; the patty is cooked and seasoned to perfection. Many people have complained that the third bun in the middle is the deal-breaker. The bun doesn’t do much for the taste, only provides structure.

The Whopper, on the other side, is a fan favorite. It has all the ingredients like fresh vegetables and fluffy buns that make it delicious. But, what sets it apart from the Big Mac is the char-grilled patty. People just can’t seem to get enough of the smoke-flavored patty. You also have the choice to order it with or without the cheese.

Thus, when it comes to burgers, Burger King is the king, with McDonald’s closing behind.


fries from McDonald's and Burger King

Okay! This is a bit of a tough choice as it is totally a matter of preference how you like your fries. But we will have to go with the larger poll of consumers.

Burger King’s fries are good, made from chunkier potatoes and fried to crisp. But the thing is after they cool down (which is almost immediately), they lose the perfect taste. They are softer on the inside, which again is a matter of preference. They are not bad, per se, just not as good as the ones they are fighting with.

When it comes to McDonald’s fries, they are ‘it’ according to a lot of people. They are slimmer, crispier and perfectly salted, and greasy. When it comes to a fight, fries are the big guns of the Mickey D’s.

With this, I think we have enough information to come to a conclusion.

So, Who Won?

Even though the competition was neck-to-neck, McDonald’s is the one with higher points here. Not only this, taking out their recent dip, McDonald’s has been the most stable fast-food brand. They also have the points when it comes to service.

Burger King is making an impact in sales, but it would be some time till it dethrones the brand that made the fast-food industry what it is today.

So, it is safe to say that we’re lovin’ it!

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