How to Make Cooking Videos for YouTube & Social Media

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There is nothing more wholesome than food, right? Everyone eats it, loves it,

There is nothing more wholesome than food, right? Everyone eats it, loves it, and all the people are fond of new recipes, techniques, and also styles. Plus, it is no surprise that cooking content always goes well online through popular cooking and food preparation videos.

So, are you someone who is looking to put your favorite family dishes out there over the internet and want to gain a bit of online presence? Then here is a quick guide to help you create food recipe videos that are high quality and helpful to your audience and that will do well on social media platforms.

Things That You Have To Take Care Of Before Starting On Shooting The Video

It would be best to take care of many small things before you finally decide to shoot a cooking video for your social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram. Those things are as follows;

1. Planning and Scripting Cooking Videos 

This pre-production stage is vital for the whole shooting and post-production phase as it helps you line up not just all the ingredients, but you will also clear with your recipes. You will also be able to layout how you will present each piece of information with the help of a script and a shot list.

2. A Doable Recipe

Suppose the goal of your cooking video is to entice your audience to click throughout your website or account from the social media platform. Then the video needs to be snappy, easy to follow, and visually good at engaging the audience. When you keep your recipe simple and classes, the culinary spectrum will encourage participation and increase your audience’s ads to take the next step with you by clicking through your works.

3. Have All The Camera-Ready Tools On Stand By 

Remember, the bright colors translate the best on the screen. At the very least, make sure that your pots and pans look shiny and clean before you start your shooting. Also, check your materials for any labels, price tags, or anything you might not want to include in the video. Always check twice before you start and aim at only shooting the video once.

4. Try To Find Bright, Soft Lighting.

Lighting in both photography and videography is like flour to baking; it is crucial at the shooting time. All you need to do is make sure that your light source matches in color; for example, the natural daylight is bluish, while an indoor light tends to be a little warm or yellow. Therefore, to get good clean, crisp colors during your shooting, try to decide on only one type of light source, either natural or indoor lights but not both.

Once you have finished with these small details before your production, you can move to the next phase of creating your cooking videos for your social media platforms.

Steps Of Creating Your Perfect Cooking Video 

Creating your cooking video is simple once you have finished your production. Plus, with the help of the above things, you should be prepared to start and end your production and shooting. Once you have finished your shooting and the pre-production, you can start with the central part of the video, making the post-production phase. The following steps will help you understand the post-production phase;

1. Open Your Online Video Editor 

For making a great video in the post-production phase of filming, you will come across many great video editors online like InVideo that gives you all the features that you need to make your cooking video eye-catching and engaging and has a straightforward user interface. All you have to do is open your online video editor and create a new project. When you do that you the editing room of the software will open up on your screen.

2. Import All Your Production Clips 

In many modern online video editing software, you would have the feature of drag and drop. With the help of this feature, you can select all your files from the folder and then drop them in the software’s editing room.

3. Place Files On Timeline 

Once you have imported all your files, you have to start forming a basic timeline of your video within the software. And to do that, all you have to do is select the file that you want to include in your final video and place it in the timeline of your software.

4. Start Editing The File Within The Timeline

Once you have placed all the files you want to include in the final version of the video on the timeline, you can start editing. You can begin to rearrange videos as per your script, and placing them in order makes the most sense as per you. You can even cut some parts of the clips that you do not want to add, put some background music to your video add filters to the video look better.

5. Add Transitions And Subtleties At The End Of Your Editing 

This is pretty much the end of the post-production phase. Once you have rearranged all the clips, have added music and filters to them now you can work on the finishing touch-ups to make your video look more professional and exclusive. As for touch-ups, you can add some transitions in the video; for example, when the video starts, you can put the fade-in transition, so your audience will know that the video has begun. When the video ends, you can apply the fade-out transition to make the video’s ending more remarkable.

Apart from transitions, you can also apply subtleties to your video if you have spoken about different steps of cooking or additional tips while cooking in your video. Subtleties will help your video look better and more professional, and people with listening disabilities can also enjoy your video without any problem.

Ending Note 

Cooking videos are some of the most consumed and addictive formats of content on the internet right now. Almost 78 % of people online consume cooking videos over social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. And if you can pull off creating the video with the help of the above tips and steps, you can make a significant profit online from your social media platforms.

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Kick-Ass content from the Back Benches every day ! We bring you the kind of shows that TV doesn’t make ! Get ready to see the world from the back benches. We are responsible for only what we say, not what you understand ;)

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