How To Lose Your Passion

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How to lose your Passion? How to think Small? How to stay Demotivated all the time?

It is weird just to hear these questions but there are thousands of people around you who are the living answers to the above questions. Yes, it’s true. Millions of people will think big but only one or two will achieve the goal of Big. What about the millions of people’s dreams & passion?

The main reason is “Reality Hit.” When reality hits many of them will lose passion & their dreams just to survive by applying for 9 to 5 jobs.

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How to Lose Your Passion?

  • Staying in a job that you hate without taking a risk to do the work you are best at.
  • Be in thought your parents will fund your business idea.
  • Thinking that Film Producer comes and knocks on your door for the script you prepared.
  • Just while walking on the street hoping you will get a chance to be a Model to walk on-ramp.
  • Following the same day-to-day routine never get a chance to feature on TIMES Magazine.
Even a small step towards the mountain you want to climb is better than the deep dive into the ocean that you hate.

We all face failures when we start this difficult journey to success. Each one’s happiness is different. One has dreamed of Own House, another has a dream of the architect, another sportsman, another will be having Entrepreneur, even someone might have a dream of a happy family. Dreams don’t matter about being big or small. It just matters did you achieved it or not. Are you happy with what you are doing?

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We never know what the future holds for all of us but we know what is our past and what we can do in present. So ultimately we are creating the path to the future. We know the exact destination but we don’t know the route. Some might reach through a shortcut, some might reach through a long route but the fact is “We should not stop the ride.” Keep on Enrouting yourself to your destination.

With a little bit of discipline, hard work, persistence you will be on the way to your SUCCESSFUL LIFE.

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Srinidhi Ram

Srinidhi Ram


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