Gluten Free Fried Oreos

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Who can resist gluten free fried Oreos, made with the real deal chocolate

Who can resist gluten free fried Oreos, made with the real deal chocolate sandwich cookies dipped in just-right batter and gently fried to crisp-tender heaven? It’s about time!

One fried Oreo sliced in half on two small metal plates

What makes this recipe for gf fried Oreos different? Which gf chocolate sandwich cookies are the best?

Companies like Glutino and Kinnikinnick have been making gluten free chocolate sandwich cookies that look like Oreos for years. They’re expensive but no longer that hard to find, and they scratch that itch—but they’re no Oreos.

Nabisco now makes its own gluten free Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies, and they really taste like actual Oreos. They’re a tiny bit different, but not enough to matter, so we’ve literally been buying them by the case (especially the Double Stuff ones).

As usual, my opinion of Nabisco’s product isn’t sponsored in any way. They didn’t send me their press kit, any free product, or even whisper in my ear. If they know who I am at all, they respected my no-free-product ethos.

Why this recipe is special

File this recipe squarely under if-they-can-make-it-with-gluten-we-can-make-it-without. It’s the crispy fried treats, sure. But it’s also the sense of possibility, which means to me that this recipe is useful even if you never, ever make it.

Fried Oreos weren’t a thing in NY when I was growing up, so I had only heard of them as Midwest county fair food. But according to my children, they’re sold at the town pool snack stand, so they’re everywhere now.

Now my teenage gluten free son is very self-conscious of his dietary restriction (don’t worry he never reads the blog). So when he asks me if I can make gluten free fried Oreos, you’d better believe I’m going to deliver.

It turns out that the crisp outside, tender inside and melty chocolate sandwich cookie inside in a fried Oreo is not half bad. And that’s important, too.

Keep in mind that the sandwich cookies will melt inside during frying. If you’d like a firmer cookie, just allow the treats to cool for about 10 minutes after frying, and they’ll firm back up—but try at least one fresh out of the fryer.

Glass bowl of pancake batter with one Oreo on top

Can you make them in the Air Fryer?

I haven’t tried making them in an Air Fryer, so I’m not entirely sure. I’m admittedly not the biggest fan of air frying as a concept, since I think it creates unrealistic expectations of true fried taste.

An Air Fryer, I never seem to tire of saying, is just a small, powerful convection oven. In other words, it’s a hot oven with a really good oven fan, known to cook foods to crispness very efficiently.

Since an Air Fryer doesn’t actually fry foods, you wouldn’t have real fried Oreos if you use one. Plus, the batter would inevitably run through the holes in the frying basket or shelf.

If you line the basket in your Air Fryer, then the hot air can’t fully circulate around the food on all sides as efficiently. If you’d really like to make air-fried Oreos, I recommend wrapping Oreos in gluten free pie crust, rather than coating them in batter.

Two fried Oreos frying in a frying basket

How thick should the pancake batter be?

The most important logistical issue in making gluten free fried Oreos successfully is getting the texture of the pancake batter just right. The frying oil temperature is important, too, but you can measure that objectively at 350°F.

Hand holding glass bowl of pancake batter and hand holding whisk mixing the batter

Watching the how-to video is probably the best way for you to experience the appropriate thickness of the batter. The photos above can also help illustrate the thickness, too, which should be slightly thicker than heavy whipping cream.

The batter must be thick enough to continue to stick to the Oreos, but not so thick that the excess doesn’t drip off. It should fall off the whisk in ribbons, but not run off like water.

Dipping fork holding Oreo dipped in raw pancake batter held over glass bowl of batter

Ingredients and substitutions Dairy

You can use your favorite non-dairy cow’s milk alternative for in the batter, but I recommend against anything nonfat. My favorite nondairy milk is unsweetened almond milk.

If your milk doesn’t contain any fat, it will water down the pancake batter more than milk that contains fat. I’d recommend starting with much less milk, and only continuing to add it as necessary to reach the right consistency.


There’s only one egg in the batter. You should be able to replace it with 1 “chia egg” (1 tablespoon ground white chia seeds + 1 tablespoon lukewarm water, mixed and allowed to gel).


The new gluten free Oreos from Nabisco contain oat flour in the ingredient list. Maybe try Kinnikinnick or Glutino brand gluten free chocolate sandwich cookies if you’re sensitive to oats or are concerned at all about the providence of the oat flour in the Nabisco cookies.

Fried Oreo cut in half with melting inside on top of whole fried Oreos

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