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City Gym Boys' 10 Tips For Your Best Workout | HuffPost


There is that one guy in the gym who has nothing to do with building muscles or losing fat. The only thing he is interested in building are his notes on the person that he stalks into the gym. He could be stalking anyone, his crush, his crush’s boyfriend, his crush’s brother or absolutely anyone. This person is more interested in writing a biography of the person he stalks that running on the treadmill. The only weight he is lifting is of all the secrecy.


It is more important to flex and shoe that you have the muscles than to actually have the muscles. This guy gets more strained by the pressure of flexing than actual muscle building. Their sincerity towards making sure everyone knows that they gym by looking at their muscles is worth appreciating.


They stress themselves out and push themselves beyond limits for that fit toned body. They do not care about anything else but working hard towards their body and making every minute at the gym count.


There will always be that one guy who is experienced and the best at training girls. This is his way of shooting his shot at all the girls in the gym and he takes every chance he gets at that. Flirting through gym equipment is the way to go….


There is always that one guy using gym equipment as the drug to get over every sad thing in his life be it a breakup or a loss of job or family issues. The sweat makes the happy hormones form in his body.

Despite the differences in the guys at the gym, what is worth noticing is the fact that they have all found their own source of motivation to show up at the gym and that is what counts.

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Drunk Men

Men when drunk can be a little more interesting than when they are sober. They can dance, cry, fight and scream. That little alcoholic drama adds a lot of spice to the behavior of boys. See which drunk man group the members of your squad belong too…

How to Avoid Being 'That Guy' This St. Patrick's Day

1). The “Ex” nostalgia:

We have all seen that one guy who starts missing his ex after a few shots no matter how tough he normally is. He cries and sobs and starts narrating stories about his sweet ex-girlfriend.

The nostalgia does take a violent turn sometimes and can come with a topping of a bunch of not so graceful words while referring to the girl that broke their heart.

2). The HULK!!

Fights to breaking things, this drunk man can do anything. The best thing to do when he gets drunk is not piss him off. Temper goes through the roof and anybody can get their nose broken by this guy withing seconds.

This is the type that lets their anger and frustration come out when they are drunk.

3). The Politicians!

Be it weddings or get-togethers or parties, there has to be one man or that one guy, giving drunk political advices. From criticizing the government to formulating new laws, this category does it all while they are tipsy. They create their mini parliament and can list all the things a government lacks once they are three pegs down.

4) The gibberish Fluency:

There has to be that one drunk guy in the crowd that jumbles and messes words up. Alcohol makes us all lose control, but this type forgets how to speak and pronounce words too. The only language that they are fluent in when they are drunk is the one spoken by toddlers.

5). The Comedian:

While everyone in the group is drunk, there is that one guy who fills the eyes of each member of the squad with tears of laughter. This guy will have the lamest jokes that will seem funny only because everyone else is drunk. This guy is the entertainer of the group and takes over everyone’s share of lameness and yet emerges off as the most fun guy.

6). Dance Champ!!!

With everyone’s tipsy vision and senses, there is this type of guys who develop a sudden flexibility in their body and groove from chikini chameli to Sheila ki jawani. They can dance till they publicly embarrass themselves to the extent of people carrying and throwing them off the dance floor. The fact that they are the life of the party cannot be denied tho !!

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Things Only Boys Will Understand



With the discomfort of wallets and keys in their pockets practically all the time ,sore butts are very common for boys. Escalating the trouble for them is the public attention that requires them to still maintain a proper walk so nobody notices. ouch!!!!!


Girls are confusing creatures and nobody understands that more than a guy trying to figure out if he should or should not ask a girl out. There is no correct prediction about how a girl will react and this makes it very difficult to understand if she is going to friendzone you (or probably already has) when you ask her out or she is going to fall in love with your gesture of taking the first step.


Sunglasses not only protect their eyes from sunlight and dust but also protect them from getting caught while checking out a hot girl!!! Its almost like their secret weapon which helps them look innocent even when they are actually stalkers.


Vests leave a lump of cotton in the navel and nobody understands the trouble better than boys who have to clear all the cotton mess out of their navel at the end of the day routinely.


Unasked for hair grows everywhere, all over the body but the hair that you want on your head falls off and creates bald spots that you don’t even want! Hair on the head and the beard that you want take the longest to grow and are the quickest to go ☹


The Petrol Prices Have Hit Their Maiden Century In India.

At a time when everyone is struggling to keep their jobs, most of them have already lost their jobs and now are just trying to keep their families afloat, the fuel prices are rising on a day-to-day basis. You hope that in these testing times, the government will make life easy for its people, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.

What’s causing the price rise :

The reason is pretty much simple behind the rising fuel prices. The government has been increasing the duties on the fuel gradually over the last year. More than 62 per cent of the petrol price is made up of central and state taxes. The reason both the central and state government applies taxes separately is because petrol and diesel prices do not fall under the regulation of Goods and Service Tax (GST). Another crucial reason behind the rising fuel prices is the increment in the price of Crude Oil at the International Level. One barrel of oil that used to cost $40 in June has now reached $66 per barrel. 

What’s the government’s excuse :

The government has successfully justified itself in increasing the fuel prices. The Pandemic has hit the economy which was already on its knees. Now to revive it, the government needs revenue and one of the major and fastest sources of revenue is increasing petrol and diesel prices. Also, the government states that it is high time that everyone starts switching to clean and renewable energy resources. It will not only cut its dependence on heavy oil imports, which the government obviously blamed on opposition, but also decrease the level of pollution. 

But, what seems to be the talk of the hour is that the same government that used to criticize its opposition for rising fuel prices back then, is now increasing them and even justifying them. And even the media seems to have turned a blind eye on the issue. Because ultimately, it’s the middle class that has to suffer the consequences, no matter the government in power.


Iss Baar Mard Ko Zyada Dard Hoga.

One of the most awaited bollywood movies to be released in big screen after the pandemic, has just dropped its trailer and it looks equally promising as its predecessor ‘Stree’. ‘Roohi’ is a second installment in the Stree franchise. It is produced by the same person Dinesh Vijan under the same banner of Maddock Films. 

Roohi Ki Kahani :

‘Roohi’, is a horror comedy movie which revolves around the premise of a witch, who possesses the newly wed brides during the couples’ honeymoon. No one dares to go near the witch possessed Roohi except the two brave-hearted men, who apparently kidnapped her without knowing the whole picture. Now, the two are stuck with Roohi and its their job to make sure that Roohi gets married again to save her from the witch or else she will die. 

Roohi Ke Kalakaar :

The character of Roohi is played by the ‘Gunjan Saxena’ actress Janvi Kappor. By her side, are two of the most versatile and talented actors, Rajkumar Rao and the ‘Fukrey’ actor Varun Sharma. As many already know, Rajkumar Rao was also a part of the franchise’s first movie ‘Stree’. Janvi Kapoor seems promising, seeing how much she screamed throughout the trailer instead of speaking her dialogues. Rajkumar and Varun have successfully portrayed the ‘Kanpuriya’ style and their accent is equally hilarious. 

Roohi Bani Modern Simran :

The trailer showed one of the most hilarious scenes there is in the movie. The writers recreated the iconic DDLJ ‘palat’ scene but with their ‘roohi’ touch. 

The movie is directed by Hardik Mehta, who is known for directing Sanjay Mishra starring ‘Kamyaab’. It is scheduled to release on 11th of March across 1500 theatres.

Now due to Covid, the attendance of the audience would be less but the producers can only hope that instead of humans, the seats should not look like they are filled with ghosts.


Ye Hamari Pawri Ho Rahi Hai

The meme legends of our sweet neighbour Pakistan have been a real treat since these past few years. ‘The Harmonium Chacha’, ‘The Qawwali Guy’, ‘The Cricket Guy’, ‘The Gormint Aunty’, and many more have ruled the social media feed of many meme pages for a long time. And this year the first person to take this trend forward is a 25-year-old girl, Dananeer Mobeen, who is also a very active Content Creator on Instagram. 

How did this ‘Pawri’ start :

Dananeer regularly posts content on instagram about her lifestyle and keeps her fans updated on her personal life too. On February 6, she posted a video of her and her friends partying on the side of a road.

The video wasn’t much of a trend when it was first posted. But it took off when one of India’s hilarious and very talented music creators decided to have some fun with the video and show his magic. As usual.

The Yashraj magic masala :

We all have heard the mysterious song ‘Rasode me kaun tha’ and ‘Tauda Kutta Tommy’, which, without a doubt, fights for animal rights. And we all have jammed over them for infinite times. Yashraj Mukhate, an Instagram content creator, is famous for taking conversation snippets from anywhere and turning them into trending songs. He did the same thing with Dananeer’s ‘Pawri’ video and turned it into a song, which is now ruling the social media feeds of every handle.

The video became an instant hit and garnered a whopping 7 million views in just one day. It is trending at number 4 in India. Our beloved Yashraj Mukhate is already a renowned music creator but because of him, Dananeer’s reach has increased fourfold. Her followers have increased tremendously. And her ‘Pawri’ video has now become a trending meme template for all the memers out there.

Ps : We are jamming with the song and looping it all day. We suggest you do the same.


Reviving of roast culture in India since YouTube V/S TikTok

The roast genre, in which a public figure is ridiculed as their friends watch, is widely popular. You might have come across roast comedy in various forms like roast battles, roast shows & television shows like ‘Comedy Night Bachao,’ ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ or Comic Roast Of Milind Soman’s Memoir ‘Made In India’ By Cyrus Broacha. But from where did it start?

The inception of roast comedy in India was via the infamous ‘AIB Knockout’ 2014 {Inspired by Comedy Central’s Roasts of Charlie Sheen & Donald Trump}. It kicked off controversy & was debated on the grounds of vulgarity, instigating violence & morally unethical. Later on, the video was removed from YouTube.

The show entered via YouTube, but now if you look back the scene has adapted itself; channels have started to air roast shows with celebrities as their main roast item.

However, ‘roasting’ is not a new phenomenon. It has existed since the 1920s & was first televised almost 30 years ago with ‘The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast’ and now ‘Comedy Central’ has made it mainstream with their popular roasts of Pamela Anderson, James Franco and Charlie Sheen, among others. Comedians like Jeff Ross, Anthony Jeselnik and Sarah Silverman have made careers out of insulting celebrities with jokes that can make even the most seasoned of us cover our ears and avert our eyes.

In early 2020, the internet witnessed a row over TikTok vs YouTube. It was sparked after a YouTuber bashed TikTok for its frivolous content and then a TikToker reciprocated with a video reply. Carryminati, a prolific Youtuber, roasted a famous TikToker Amir Siddhique. The video got an unprecedented response with 76 million views while the subscriber count of the young Youtuber doubled to 17 million.

In the video, Carry had allegedly commented on physical attributes and the LGBTQ community that were discriminatory in nature. This propelled many other YouTubers to resort to roasting Amir. Amir alleged Carry for cyberbullying and then, YouTube, abiding by its guidelines, removed Carry’s video. However, the fans of the YouTuber got outraged with the action and started trending the #JusticeForCarry. In India, it is no more astonishing to note that nobody from the audience questioned the extent to which one should be roasted. Many questioned: Is Indian roasting culture only reduced to cyberbullying and harassment?

Post YouTube taking down Carry’s video, Comedian Kunal Kamra, uploaded a video with the title “Aaja Beta Carry Teko Roast Sikhaye!” & the video got 2.4M dislikes till now. Many memes around the video emerged such as – ‘A roaster gets roasted for roasting.’

Following the trend, roast culture has revived in the country.

Like any other trend, roast comedy or insult comedy has also seen the evolution. Recently, after Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’ & the protagonist Sima Taparia hogging headlines, Instagram introduced filter called ‘Sima Roast’ created by an Instagram user Becca D (@leftbrainedcenteraligned) & it goes like this ‘What does Sima Taparia from Mumbai thinks of you?” If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

For good roasting, one must make sure it is classic. ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ and ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ are some of our favourites.

Sit back; relax, and laugh with these shows, because not everything is negative in the world.