The New Wave – Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Nam is a Sanskrit word, obtained from “namas” which is taken to display worship. It’s the same source of the more familiar “namaste”, or “I bow to the divinity within you”.

Myoho – explains to “Wonderful Law”, “Mystic Law”, or the karmic law of cause and effect, which is considered by Buddhists to be the ultimate law of the universe.

Renge – explains to “lotus”. The lotus flower seeds and blooms at the same time, representing the simultaneity of cause and effect – once a person has made a goal, the result has already taken place (but might not manifest until later). The lotus flower also blooms in muddy waters, representing the potential for any person to attain enlightenment in the “mud” of human misery.

Kyo – translates to “sutra”, “teaching”, or “the voice of the Buddha”.

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  1. Assists in the elimination of your worries, pain, and unpleasant thoughts.
  2.  Allows you to modify your karma.
  3. Benefits you in gaining a large amount of fortune.
  4. Brings about inner transformation.
  5. Chanting this mantra leads to the purification of one’s six sense organs.

Regardless of any religion, this chant helps one’s inner peace and happiness. Many celebrities have started to include this chant in their meditation. Celebs who chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo everyday are Orlando Bloom, Ayushman Khurana, Hansika Motwani, Tisca Chopra.

The tradition is changing on among India’s well-off urban professionals, spreading by word of mouth as a way to reduce stress. Most of those choosing the practice are Hindu, but they say they see no conflict between their religious beliefs and the chanting. Some say it is peaceful, others refreshing.


Why Hollywood is no longer ROM-COM?

There was a time wherein Hollywood was meant for Rom-Com movies. Actors like Tom Cruise, Hugh Grant, Matthew McConaughey, Adam Sandler, Paul Rudd, Colin Firth, Taye Diggs, Josh Lucas, Heath Ledger, Richard Gere many more were entertaining the audience with realistic plots with pure comedy and swoon-worthy romance. Even the actress like Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Sandra Bullock, Julia Stiles, Meg Ryan many more.

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The main reason actors don’t want to sign Rom-Com movies because THEY DONT WANT TO BE A GOOD GUY!

Actor Hugh Grant, the man of ROM-COM movies has explained in an interview about Why he isn’t doing Rom-Com Movies anymore?

Hugh Grant Apparently Regrets All Of His Iconic Rom-Com Roles And I Am  Distraught

“I’ve gotten too old and ugly and fat to do them anymore,” he said. “So now I’ve done other things and I’ve got marginally less self-hatred.”I was being paid tons of money. I was very lucky,” he continued. “And most of those romantic comedies I can look squarely in the face — one or two are shockers, but on the whole, I can look them in the face, and people like them. And I am a big believer that our job is to entertain. It’s not to practice some weird, quasi-religious experience.” and he continued “Every decision I ever made was probably wrong,” he said. “After Four Weddings, and the world was my oyster, I should’ve made interesting decisions and done different stuff. Instead, I repeated myself almost identically about 17 times in a row.”

Best Romantic Comedies and Dramas of the 21st Century — Great Modern  Romantic Movies

With Hollywood studios drastically climbing back the number of romantic-comedies they execute, the directors everywhere right connected to this style haven’t been ready to create new movies that could reassert the importance of rom-com. The journey of rom-com directors didn’t just appeal to long-established pictures in the style.

Everything that has transformed is distribution. Home viewing has shifted the standard for most movies, including the theaters owned for tent pole films that will make huge gains. Large, rich films that interest all four quadrants (male, female, under 25, and over 25) and have the quality and visual effects to justify the difficulty of going to the movies get the theater. Films meant to pursue Oscars get the theater. The middle films and small films are still being made, but go to the video on request, networks, and streaming services.
The cute romantic comedy genre has been cleaned up by networks like the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime, with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu bidding to offer cute romantic comedies to audiences that have cut the cord. Hallmark, for example, premiered 40 brand-new cute romantic comedies this holiday season. Hulu offered up Palm Springs and Happiest Season. Netflix parried with Holidate and Dash & Lilly. And some, like Emma and The Lovebirds, found theater lulls to fill.

The new actors & actresses are not interested in doing romantic comedies. It could be for many reasons but the fact still remains that they are simply not interested in doing these types of movies for any reason.

32 Most Romantic Christmas Movies - Best Romantic Comedies for Holiday  Season



ANIME is a hand-drawn and Animation originating from Japan(From Wikipedia). Japanese anime, a term derived from the English word Animation. 

A CARTOON is a type of illustration, sometimes animated, typically in a non-realistic or semi-realistic style. 

When you see the definitions themselves, you get the difference right? 


10 Japanese Recipes From Animes - Food Wars To Wage In Real Life

The main characteristic of manga or anime that I have always admired is their aim to carry a sense of pure faith and not just childish good-over-evil material. Wicked people can change and find redemption. Miserable heroes can discover themselves through personal trauma, and in achieving so, find peace.

Life does have worth and meaning, though it must be struggled for. Hard work will pay off but maybe only in the long run (ex: Naruto).

Intensity is determined, from serving others, even to the point of self-sacrifice. Not all stories have these refined or philosophical messages, but many do. And when these simple but universal themes are created more or less convincingly into the foundation of excellent plots and figures. 

At last, if you want to watch anime and become familiar with it. I prefer the starter packs like Naruto, Death Note, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Saiki K.

Japanese Anime City Wallpapers - Top Free Japanese Anime City Backgrounds -  WallpaperAccess

So, Once again Its “Anime” not “Cartoon”!


Made in India popular apps alternatives: Sandes, Leher & more

The ‘Made In India’ motto has hit on another level, making India proud. In the past several days you might have heard Koo making sound on the internet and Twitter also. Well, Koo is the alternate to Twitter, the microblogging platform and the irony of this era seemed hilarious when Twitterathis started tweeting, “Boycott Twitter, shift to Koo.”

‘Made In India’ apps are emerging so fast as entrepreneurs are grabbing the opportunity to capture the national market.

The government has been urging citizens to use ‘Made In India’ social media apps in the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

Let’s take you through the apps you can switch to!

  • Sandes – Alternate to Whatsapp, Sandes is an instant messaging platform, currently available to government employees. This platform will be later accessible to all the users. The app is 30 MB in size and is available on both Android and iOS devices. It supports voice and data messages exactly like WhatsApp.
  • Leher – Alternating Clubhouse, it is a live discussion social network. A few months ago, New York-based Clubhouse had become the talk of the town, trying to redefine social media. The invite-only app is a platform where one can chat live through audio and discuss with their network, community, or friends.
  • MapmyIndia – To take on Google Maps, MapmyIndia has collaborated with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). It combines the power of MapmyIndia’s digital maps and technologies with ISRO’s catalogue of satellite imagery and earth observation data.
  • Koo – Just like Twitter, Koo also has a bird as its logo but without wings. It is a replica of Twitter, which lets you microblog. Government officials are already on Koo and they tweeted to their followers to join Koo.
  • Tooter – It is also an Indian replica of Twitter. It has been active since July 2020. Like Twitter, Tooter also has verified profiles to keep a check on authenticity.
  • Mitron – After the India government banned Tik Tok, the short video platform, Mitron jumped into the spotlight. Mitron app is easy to use UI due to which it looks similar to TikTok. It has filters, editing tools exactly like Tik Tok had and still has in the rest of the world.

MX Takatak and Moj are other short video platforms which emerged right after Tik Tok ban in India.


Dreams! Dreams! Dreams! Infinite worlds within a single dream world

The unexplained theory of dreams has made scientists, researchers & philosophers curious at another level. Despite hunting for thousands of years for answers, there’s still not a definite one but there have been derived theories which are mesmerizing & the urge to dream more & more, shoots up.

So, what are dreams, do different people have different ones, do they have patterns, what about dreams within a dream just like inception & how many types do they own? Are they a form of human simulation? A lot of questions yet unanswered.

What are dreams? 

After years of researching & experiments, scientists understand that dreams are stories, visions & visuals formed by the brain during NREM (Non-Rapid Eye Movement) & REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. As soon as you begin to rest, NREM sleep (in Hindi we often address it as “Kacchi Neend”) cycle starts followed by brief periods of REM sleep. When your brain is in deep sleep it is REM sleep,  your eyes move rapidly from side to side & your dream powers intensify at the particular time. REM sleep occurs every 90 minutes of your NREM sleep cycle.

Why are dreams & what do they represent?

Dreams are your experiences coming from your past life, your present life & your desires for the future life. Averagely, a person has 5-6 dreams per night but the person may or may not remember all of them or none of them at all. Dreams remain in the memory block if the person wakes up during REM sleep whereas a lucid dreamer can remember them all; technically, the person is the author of their own dreams.

We tend to decipher dreams, we Google & sometimes we ask elders but we are always left dubious. Dreams interpretation has been a scientific, psychological & religious interest of the area regarding which there are a variety of theories.

In 1899, Sigmund Freud, a neurologist & the founder of psychoanalysis, introduced the theory of the unconscious as a book, “The Interpretation of Dreams” in which he explicated that dreams are a symbolic representation of one’s unconscious primitive thoughts, urges & desires. The symbols are procured from our daily conscious lives & by analyzing the elements, the unconscious matter could be unveiled to the conscious world & the psychological disorders could be resolved. He also defined dreams as expressions of one’s deepest anxiety often related to oppressed childhood memories. According to Freud, each & every dream topic, despite its content symbolized release of sexual tension.  

However, many scientists later disagreed with Sigmund’s theories of the unconscious but the book remains the base for dreams interpretations.

How dreams influence our lives?

Individuals with bipolar disorder, mental illness or other mood & PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorders) have trouble sleeping. Scientists believe lack of sleep often chips into anxiety & stress illnesses. 

Dreams tend to heal our subconscious, unconscious & conscious waves of emotion. Humans have experienced a healthy connection between sufficient sleep, active physique & emotional balance. 

After asking several people “What are dreams?” the most appealing answer was “Dreams are the illustrations from the book, our soul is writing about us.” Isn’t that beautiful, how people fantasize about dreams?

What kinds of dream-stories do people visualize?                                  From normal to weird, the most common are five: 

Normal Dreams The most typical dreams you can dream of are normal dreams. You could be turning the AC on or kissing Enrique Iglesias on a highway. These dreams are often about the things you might have thought subconsciously or any weird stuff you gave a thought for a millisecond. Everybody has normal dreams every single night. These dreams are vital for our survival. A sleep-deprived person is a dream deprived; a non-dreamer can cut off the creativeness & imagination. 

Daydreams “Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream” The blank-space of a partial sleep filled with the vision of desires are daydreams. People fantasizing about their goals is also daydreaming. It commences when you’re neither asleep nor wholly awake into reality & imagining about the fulfilled journey of your efforts lead you to the fantasy world.

Nightmares – Have you ever had a dream that you’re being chased or there is somebody present in your dream but you can’t find? Certain types of dreams are recognized as nightmares where you’re terrified of paranormals activities or something horrific. A dreamer believes it to be the reality of time. According to analysis, being chased in a nightmare represents our fear & anxiousness of being hunted. Studies show nightmares are a result of stress, trauma, drugs alcohol, sickness, anxiety & sometimes watching a horror movie.  

Lucid Dreams – As mentioned earlier, a lucid dreamer is the author of its own dream. It is the narrator, the creator, the director, the cast & the writer. If you can change the location, characters & plot of your dream & are aware of non-reality whilst you’re asleep; you’re a lucid dreamer. This kind occurs during the late stage of REM sleep. People practice lucid dreaming because it builds up creativity & mental balance.  

Did you know there are courses dedicated to learning lucid dreaming?

False Awakening – You’re awake, getting ready for office or performing a normal routine. BOOM! It’s a dream! These types of dreams mostly fit in the last place you’ve been, for example, your bed. You wake up in the dream for real & somehow it traces every inch of your bedroom. These ones are often fleeted.

Reality check amidst dreams

To question the reality within a dream is not like a dream. They are like movies, only that in the movie you know what reality is & in a dream you’re the camera.

  • Gaze the mirror & check for your reflection.
  • Whilst dreams your body is paralyzed, try to throw an object on the visions.
  • Push yourself against a wall, are you intangible? 
  • Stare at a watch. Time changes rapidly in dreams but if you’re awake, time will be conventional.
  • Look out for rationality, for example, if you see a person with 3 legs, you’re dreaming.

Dreams are like a world, a universe, a multi-verse or perhaps, an infinite-verse just present in a small part of your body. 

The bottom line is everyone is unique & everyone dreams differently. Regardless you remember them or not, you dream once in every sleep. Everyone dreams. Ever seen a baby smiling during their sleep? Probably because of a dream. 

Dreams are peculiar but bona fide, they really do exist!


How brands creatively adapted marketing scene during the pandemic

As the pandemic still continues, the only option left is to adapt & adopt. The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak left many brands unsure of their next move. All major sporting and entertainment events were cancelled. Restaurants, spas, and others closed their doors, and travelling was like a Goa plan.

The continued spread of the coronavirus has impacted all industries, and many advertising strategies that were drawn up months ago got wasted.

Social distancing has kept many people at home; with major shifts in behavioral trends. Consumers returned to broadcast, cable television and other premium media sources for credible information. They are also seeking more in the way of escapism and entertainment — with gaming apps, spending even more time on social media, streaming more movies, scripted programming, remote working arrangements, live-streamed workout classes, college lectures, and whatnot. This is where brands adapted and grasped your attention.

Online marketing has taken over the marketing space, and influencer marketing is the new face for the brands.

The few examples of brands and how their branding techniques have changed over time:

  • Coca Cola – Mercado McCann worked with Coca-Cola to place a billboard in Times Square telling people to stay apart.

“Staying apart is the best way to stay united,” said the billboard.

  • Nike in March 2020 had released a campaign to stress the need for social distancing during the coronavirus.

The ad stated: “If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, play for the world.”

Within an hour of its release, a batch of Nike athletes had posted the ad on their social media channels, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.

  • OnePlus – filters are the new unboxing

In April 2020, OnePlus launched a new Instagram filter that basically allowed users to unbox the new OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro smartphones and even experience them. It brought a closer virtual look at the devices. The potential buyer could look and decide, cause the pandemic physical analysation is difficult.

  • McDonald’s Brazil supported the idea of social distancing by separating its Golden Arches into two separate arches.

The chain also promoted drive-in and delivery services, along with good hygiene.

  • Even the popular logo of Audi was socially distancing
  • In an effort to encourage people to stay safe in unprecedented times, Wunderman Thompson South Asia worked with its clients to conceptualize campaigns to raise awareness about social distancing and express solidarity with consumers during this global crisis.
  • Brands took Twitter to communicate with consumers.

Influencer marketing on the other hand is playing a vital role in brands marketing. Brands have started to endorse their product more and more to the influencers & celebrities because Social Media is the new normal. Influencers are proven to be incredibly persuasive and trustworthy, especially among younger audiences / millennials per se.

Influencers have become a source of entertainment and such powerful voices that consumers can’t resist but to follow them on different social media platforms.


Initially, there was COVID-19 drawback on this marketing but of course, changes have been adapted and things are reaching the pace. To say normalcy has returned is not a façade anymore.


How To Lose Your Passion

It is weird just to hear these questions but there are thousands of people around you who are the living answers to the above questions. Yes, it’s true. Millions of people will think big but only one or two will achieve the goal of Big. What about the millions of people’s dreams & passion?

The main reason is “Reality Hit.” When reality hits many of them will lose passion & their dreams just to survive by applying for 9 to 5 jobs.

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How to Lose Your Passion?

  • Staying in a job that you hate without taking a risk to do the work you are best at.
  • Be in thought your parents will fund your business idea.
  • Thinking that Film Producer comes and knocks on your door for the script you prepared.
  • Just while walking on the street hoping you will get a chance to be a Model to walk on-ramp.
  • Following the same day-to-day routine never get a chance to feature on TIMES Magazine.
Even a small step towards the mountain you want to climb is better than the deep dive into the ocean that you hate.

We all face failures when we start this difficult journey to success. Each one’s happiness is different. One has dreamed of Own House, another has a dream of the architect, another sportsman, another will be having Entrepreneur, even someone might have a dream of a happy family. Dreams don’t matter about being big or small. It just matters did you achieved it or not. Are you happy with what you are doing?

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We never know what the future holds for all of us but we know what is our past and what we can do in present. So ultimately we are creating the path to the future. We know the exact destination but we don’t know the route. Some might reach through a shortcut, some might reach through a long route but the fact is “We should not stop the ride.” Keep on Enrouting yourself to your destination.

With a little bit of discipline, hard work, persistence you will be on the way to your SUCCESSFUL LIFE.

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Ikigai (生き甲斐, pronounced [ikigai]) is a Japanese concept that means “a reason for being.”

The term applies to becoming a way or purpose in life that originates one’s life valuable. Towards which a person takes natural and responsible actions giving them joy and a sense of the essence of living.

Ikigai can relate to possessing a feeling of confidence in development, as well as staying motivated. Psychologist Michiko Kumano depicts Ikigai as eudaimonic happiness, as it “entails actions of devoting oneself to pursuits one enjoys and is associated with feelings of accomplishment and fulfillment.”

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The book does a clean job of describing the theory of Ikigai to modern-day psychology (with Frankl’s Logotherapy from Man’s Search for Meaning Among others) and a few logical implications in an easy method. It speaks about wherewith hope plays important role in a man’s life and the different ways in which it shows itself. It also throws some ways to ‘find your flow’ and ensure that what you do receives 100% of your attention and that you enjoy whatever you are creating.

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The book also discusses certain other Japanese concepts like Takumi (specialized workers) and moai (connections with community or friend-circle). The brief discussions hold the privilege of being to the point and simple but pose the risk of trivializing them into regular self-help information. The work also delves into Japanese views on living life and persevering outwardly getting caught up in artificially-created urgency. The authors wished for the readers to research more or meditate more on the content given the short practice of the same.

The chapters on diet and exercises have added details and thus may be more serviceable. Certain foods are dealt with in greater detail is the concept of ‘Hara Hachi bu’ wherein one eats only 80% of what would assuage his hunger. The chapter on exercises includes illustrations and steps. While they may suffice for some of the purposes mentioned in the book – the philosophy behind them, progressive increments, other essential details are missing or insufficient.

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The hardcover is pretty and soothing with its matte texture. The inner pages are smooth & heavy with a cream tinge, The font size is good. The spine, as well as pages, holds up well. Overall, the book is quiet, light, and sturdy. I bought it for INR 460 against an MRP of INR 499.


The last-minute Valentine’s Gifts

Even though it is 2021, we are still in a hangover from 2020. Career has become the priority in 2021 Thanks to 2020 So, the majority of the young generation has no time to spare to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day. The question every couple has “What would be the best gift I can give?”. If you are looking for the answer to this tricky question? Then you have the best solution for the same. Here is the list of best gifts at the Last-minute to buy for your Valentine.

1. Personalised Table Clock

The precious time we spend with our partners is always memorable. So to make your partner feel special, presenting a table clock with your favorite picture on it would make your relationship more strong. If you want to look that you have put a lot of effort into it, extraordinary gift works.

2. Coffee Mug

It is the most traditional gift and mandatory too. A sip of coffee/ tea with your loved ones is always a special moment to remember. A coffee mug with your partner’s name will definitely make the day great. Try presenting this and enjoy seeing the happiness on their face. There are a lot of websites online that works on custom-made Mugs. You can go for it without a second thought.

3. Send Flowers to Work Place

If your partner is also a workaholic like you then send their favorite flowers to their workplace. It will also make your valentine and their colleagues say “Awwww”

4. Teddy- Always Works

How can we forget Teddy Bear? If you are gifting to “her” teddy works well. Order & Deliver a Huge size teddy bear to her doorstep now you can peacefully attend your meetings without worry.

5. Perfumes

If you are gifting to him, then a whole branded Perfumes collection gift box works great.

Last but not Least “Chocolates.”

Even though you fail to give the best gifts Chocolate, will never let you down. Even its He/She Chocolates are the Last-minute Gift to save you.

These are the few Last-Minute gifts one can present to one partner in these busy schedules.