5 Mind Blowing Substitute at the cost of new Air pods Max.

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The world renowned company apple has recently announced the new ‘Airpods Max’. As claimed by Apple the Airpods are a new generation transcendence to its previous versions of Airpods. However the daily observers and consumers of the i-products have a slightly changed perception towards this one.

The launch date for the Air pods is scheduled on 15th of December, and the price to make these precious yours is fixed at 59,900. The price however proved to be the enemy for the Indian market. Millennials have been widely using Apple products to meet their materialist lifestyles, but to date, as social networking gave rise to social communication so did it raised the bar of how companies would stack up the hard-earned money for the things we don’t really need. You must have surely heard about the jokes “selling human organs to buy an iPhone”. All are familiar with such phrases and this has caused a drop in the trend and excitement that once Apple held high.

We at Bakkbenchers, have some alternates, amazing and mind-blowing ideas as to where you millennials can spend the same amount and get something of real value back.


OTT platforms are now a part of our day-to-day life, one always looks out for quick entertainment, a pass time, and OTT’s have never failed us. Netflix being the most known and most used platform offers various deals over subscription. Now the amount of these air pods is 59,900, ever wonder what would be if the same amount is put into a subscription plan?

Among various deals and subscription plans offered by Netflix even if we choose the premium plan that goes up to 9,588rs per annum. We could end up having 6 years of Netflix subscription against the amount of new air pods. Isn’t it mind blowing?


Now we know that many of you are currently members of some gym, cycling team or any sport group. Those who aren’t, but wish to be, these air pods are never going to make you slim. Of course, you can listen to some workout songs but it could never make you sweat.

In India gyms offer various deals to their plans that can sometimes cost golds, it includes many services apart from the space and equipment to the member, yes sir it also offers an attractive body. Now who wouldn’t have dreamt of having a torso like Hritik Roshan ? Or even the confidence that comes along with a good body. The slightly expensive but not too cheap gyms in India cost 20,000 per annum for a member, along with the spa and training and cardio that is mandatory. The cost alongside the Airpods can bring you 3 years of membership to a lavishly Viking gym.


When we ought to bring someone in a serious relationship, we never just end up at a movie or some gala time together. We take them to expensive dates, the key to success. Many girls just don’t end up on good looks and your humour, they can easily take you up to three months of meeting and laughing, but in a relationship anything short than 3 months is not a relationship but an internship, that too an unpaid one.

A perfect date begins with class and ends like 31st of December, celebrated. To make the girl adore the efforts and attempts of a perfect date with a movie and an expensive dinner is like chocolate dip in ice-cream. But how much does an expensive date cost ? If we calculate the 5 mile cab drive, the movie tickets and dinner for two in an exclusive restaurant we could wind up around 5,500 for each date. Now with the prize of new Airpods, you can sum around 10 dates, and maybe end up with something that would last and actually make you happy


We all love to travel don’t we ? We loved when Bunny travelled the world singing ‘ilahi Mera jiya eei’ didn’t we ? Travelling arose a sense of beauty, belonging to this earth and under the long spreaded arms of a mountain one writes poetry or even paints. The best is to click a photo, no longer can one wait to absorb the beauty of nature.

Where would one travel with the money the same in amount as an Airpods. Well we have some amazing coastal options for your next summer.


Hong Kong is a wonderful place to explore culture, lifestyle and landscape. It does not only emphasise the culture that was rooted in the east but also has homes for  improvisation to the western world. 59,900 Rs can bring you to Hong Kong with cheap night flights and a calming 3 days with your friends in a good hotel stay.


Indonesia is also a major tourist attraction in the world, where many people from around the world come to enjoy the beaches and the party feel to the country. Flights with 3 days stay is possible with the amount.


Sri Lanka, our neighbour, holds many beach resorts that are pocket friendly and approachable. One can have a great swim in the blue waters and rest their days off in Sri Lanka.


Philippines, a coastal paradise, has many water sports activities that one can enjoy being carefree. It also has one of the cheapest markets in the world where you won’t have to spend much for good products.


Cambodia is one cultural place where you can see a lot of Buddhist and Hindu temple architecture, some that are still active and some that are ruins in the forest. Cambodia is a adventure pass time to those who seek something different from their travels.


It was a long time ago when the food made at home was exciting and social, in the nuclear family members they lack the taste of social interactions. Hence we seek out food outside, where it looks delicious, tastes wonderful and the food had with loved ones is always the best.

These foods in joints and mini restaurants and café are our social connections with people that is why we end up spending 11,000rs per month on such food. If compared to the price of new air pods you wouldn’t have to worry for at least 5 months for your food.

Sonal Khiani

Sonal Khiani

Creating content is something I love and I am passionate about.

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